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Photograph order guide

  1. Click on the "Photo order" button
    To access the My Page, please click on the "Photo order" button that is displayed on the purpose of the event.
    If it is not If display purposes of the event, please refer to the event registration part of the preparation guide.
  2. Print menu selection
    Charges differ by the receiving method and the correction method of print.
    Please click on the menu of your choice.
  3. Selection of photos you want to print
    Select the photos you want to print, please be changed to orange by clicking the cart button.
    It will be canceled when you click again.
  4. Specifying the number of prints
    The number of prints can be set freely. After the number of prints decision, and click the "Next" button.
  5. Selection of shipping address
    If you would like to shipping, you need to enter a shipping address.
    If you have ordered in the past, because the shipping address of the order is displayed, please click.
    Please if you want to enter a new shipping address, click the "To enter a new shipping address".

    If you wish to Hand over at photography booth, please click the "Hand over at photography booth" button.
  6. Enter the shipping address
    If you click on the "To enter a new shipping address" on the previous page, after you enter the shipping address on this page, please click on the "Next" button.
  7. The choice of payment method
    Please click on the payment method of choice.
  8. Confirmation of the order
    It is the final confirmation of the order. If there is no problem with the content, please click the "Order!" Button.
  9. Order Complete
    The order has been completed. If you select the "Credit card payment at this site", please click on the "Pay with a credit card" button.
  10. Credit card information input (1)
    Please click on the "Pay with a credit card" button.
    If you have used a credit card in the past of the order, credit card information is displayed.
  11. Credit card information input (1)
    Please click on the "Pay with card" button and enter your credit card information.
  12. Payment completion
    This all procedures is complete.
  13. If you have selected the "Hand over at photography booth"
    After printing is complete, so and notify you by my page and email, please come to the photography booth.